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Small Group Training

Bayside Personal Training group clients benefit from innovative and fun training sessions, as my philosophy is about constantly varying exercise.

My maximum group size is 8.  Small group numbers mean that exercises can be altered or tweaked as necessary to meet individual’s needs, abilities and limitations, whilst also ensuring that correct technique is used.  Group sessions are supportive and fun, whilst giving each individual satisfaction and physical benefits.

Every session will give you a great total body workout.  Sessions usually have a focus that could include weights, toning/ resistance training, cardiovascular training, pilates, circuits, boxing, balance/ flexibility, strength, outdoor training, core stability, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and of course legs & butt.  In group sessions you could work as an individual, in partners or as a collective, it’s about having fun, challenging yourself and gaining results, in a positive atmosphere with likeminded people.

Bayside Personal Training Small Group Training is about matching people to a group that is right; not only for them, but also for the other members in the group.  Often I will strongly encourage clients to begin with a few ‘one on one’ personal training sessions before joining a group.  This allows me to establish a good understanding of your individual abilities, needs and fitness, which enables me to place you in a group that best suits your needs, and goals.  It’s a cost effective way to train and generally groups run for an 8-10 week block.

Benefits of Small Group training Include:

  • Small Group Size (max 8)
  • Cost effective method of personal training.
  • Broad variety of exercises and type of training sessions.
  • Small group numbers mean you still have the ability to tweak and alter exercises as necessary for individual’s needs, abilities and limitations.
  • Ability to ensure you use correct technique as group numbers are low.
  • You gain support, motivation and encouragement from participating and working with others.
  • Fun & friendship.