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Pre & Post Natal Training

Movement and exercise during pregnancy has so many benefits.  For some women giving birth is akin to running a marathon, requiring stamina, determination and focus.  Labour often lasts far longer than the average 4-5 hours a woman takes to complete a marathon (42.2km), and how often have you heard of someone setting out for a marathon without any training and preparation?  Assuming you have no medical risks restricting you from exercising during your pregnancy, and medical clearance, there are many benefits of beginning to or continuing with exercise during this period of your life. These benefits are equally important once you have had your baby.

Pre- and post-natal exercise at Bayside Personal Training is far more than just physically ‘ticking a box’.  I’m all about providing women with a supportive environment, full of encouragement, emotional support and even opportunities to workout with women who have or are sharing many of the same experiences.  I provide a space where you aren’t judged or made to feel self-conscious about body image.  It’s about exercising in a very supportive, relaxed environment.  You can even bring your baby/ children along.  There are options for one-on-one training, buddies, small groups and even bringing along your whole mothers group.

Whether it’s losing weight, increasing muscle strength, toning your body, muscular endurance, increasing flexibility and mobility or just becoming healthier and living a more active lifestyle Bayside Personal Training has a Pre- / Post-Natal program for you!

Benefits of Pre-Natal Training

  • Physically preparing your body for labour by being a stronger and fitter you.  Research has indicated that training during pregnancy may ease labour and even shorten the time it takes to deliver your baby.
  • Some find exercising can reduce morning sickness & regular movement makes them feel better.
  • Helps self-worth and personal image as you and your body transition between the different stages of pregnancy.
  • Improves your odds of gaining a healthy amount of weight.
  • Decreases back pain. (Research has suggested that between 30-70% of pregnant woman are affected by back pain).  Moving around, keeping active and doing the correct type of training will certainly help your core muscles to stay strong and this will reduce the chance of lower back pain problems.
  • Pelvic Floor strengthening and decreases the chance of incontinence.
  • Can assist with some pelvic instability.
  • When you have maintained your strength and muscle tone throughout your pregnancy, your body will have an easier time ‘bouncing back’ after you give birth.
  • Makes it easier to regain the fitness level that you had before conceiving.

 Caution: Medical clearance to exercise whilst pregnant is required before commencing.


Benefits of Post-Natal Exercise

  • Decreases the likelihood of post-natal depression, and gives you some time that is ‘specifically’ about you.
  • Get your ‘pre-baby’ body back faster
  • Assists with energy and tiredness
  • Decreases back pain.  It is important to strengthen your core muscles and stay mobile through the pelvic region.  Moving around, keeping active and doing the correct type of training will certainly help your core muscles to stay strong, which should reduce the chance of lower back pain problems occurring.
  • Strength and correct functional movement helps to support everyday activities, including lifting and carrying a growing baby.
  • Pelvic Floor strengthening and decreases the chance of incontinence.
  • Assists pelvic instability helping you correctly strengthen the pelvic girdle.

Caution: Post birth you need to wait until your medical clearance check (usually six weeks for vaginal deliveries or 12 weeks for caesarean deliveries) before commencing exercise.

I fully appreciate getting back into fitness, whether it is has been a break from an injury, having a baby or just wanting to rekindle previous fitness levels to feel great about yourself again – can be hard.  Bayside Personal Training is all about helping and making a difference to you on this journey.